World History 2

My purpose for posting this information:

First, I want to post this History knowledge because I want to share with everyone has favorite in History class or are  learning in this class. Besides, I post this to help me revise the knowledge in this class and I can use my tablet to read this better.

Remember : We have a lot of ways to learn effectively.

First, focus on topical outline. We will know what we learn after this class:

Topical outline:

1/ The Commercial Revolution

2/ Mugal India

3/ Islamic Empires

4/ The Columbian Exchange

5/ The Atlantic Slave Trade

6/ The Rise of European Empires

7/ Amerindian Civilizations

8/ Imperial China and Feudal Japan

9/ The Industrial Revolution

10/ World War I

11/ Russia: From Tsarism to Stalin

12/ The Rise of Fascism

13/ The Rise of the Japanese Empire

14/  World War II

15/ The Cold War

16/ De-Colonization

17/ The Modern Middle East

18/ The Velvet Revolution and the Rise of Globalization

Note: I will write everything I learned in the class and also I will find some research outside to make this helpful to you guys.

Source: World History


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